Exhibition online platform e-Expo Online

The platform is capable of increasing the efficiency of existing exhibitions several times, enhancing the role and degree of their impact on market processes. Due to modern innovative technologies, it provides access of the wide audience of consumers to achievements, new technologies, goods and services of companies.


  • Interactive online support of real exhibitions;
  • Customer access to the Global Digital Business Network UBP;
  • Improving the quality of exhibition services using innovative technologies;
  • Increase of exhibitions attendance due to the expansion of borders, audiences and time;
  • Creation of an interactive business network for exhibitors and visitors;
  • Improving the image of the exhibition;
  • Competitive advantage.


  • Effective opportunity to strengthen business positions and enter new markets;
  • Attracting the attention of target audience and targeted communication;
  • Optimisation of expenses and achievement of the maximum effect from participation in exhibitions;
  • Access to the Global Digital Business Network UBP;
  • Using an innovative tool for effective presentations;
  • Organising an active business communication environment with the consumer;
  • Enhancing the image of an innovation-oriented company;
  • Objective statistics and analytics;
  • Possibility of targeted advertising, the growth in the number of potential customers.


  • Saving time and financial resources;
  • Optimal achievement of the goal;
  • Convenient service and a wide choice;
  • Direct and effective communication;
  • Quick access to information about companies achievements, their products and services;
  • Convenient way of making orders;
  • Participation in promotional and bonus programmes;
  • Planning of efficient participation in exhibitions;
  • Unique informational environment for research.