Security Systems

The innovative security systems of information protection, created on a new class of mathematical functions and providing absolute stability (according to C. Chenon's classification)


  1. The class of mathematical functions surpasses the mathematical functions used for development of existing protection systems of class A1. The random number generator RMX, by its parameters, substantially exceeds the generators of traditional cryptographic systems based on irreducible polynomials over the Galois field or on other mathematical functions;
  2. The basis is a random number generator which generates random, evenly distributed byte-multibyte sequences self-organized over the field of natural numbers;
  3. Custom generation of random initial data of 5-50 kB, which are stored in encrypted form;
  4. Has the highest indicators of ordinal correlation in the world according to Spirman in absolute uniformity.

Fields Of Application

Digital Telephone Networks
Personal Computers
Banking Sphere
Computer Networks
Corporate Security


  1. Complete protection of information when transferring from user to user all over the network in all physical environments and in any channels;
  2. Providing multi-user mode with an unlimited number of users in real time;
  3. Encryption of any information - symbolic, graphic, binary;
  4. Providing an electronic signature mode;
  5. Full protection against the imitation of each user of the network, the station, even when trying to simulate with connection to the communication channel;
  6. Creation of multi-user closed networks of any configuration using standard communication channels.


RMX Package
  • Protection level «А1»
  • Cryptographic system with absolute stability
  • Number of keys: 10 50 000
  • Key length – any
  • The size of the encrypted block is any
  • Innovative random number generator
  • Multi-user mode with an unlimited number of users
  • Real-time operations
  • Software version or microchip
  • Friend-or-foe mode
  • Digital signature
  • Authentication
  • Protection of digital mobile communication
  • Protection from emulation and network penetration
  • Encrypt files of any type
  • Protection of bank cards
  • ...

Mathematical Know-How

  • Sieve random numbers;
  • Generating a universal key for any group of users;
  • Absence of any dependence between the universal key and the initial data;
  • Generation with dynamically changing self-organizing structure functions;
  • Generation of probabilistic-deterministic structures;
  • In the mathematical apparatus of the system, two of the most complicated problems are solved: simultaneously two mutually exclusive processes:
    • determinism;
    • random chaos of a sieve of random numbers.
  • Authentication mode is performed by randomly generated passwords:
    • the length of the password is not limited (optimal password length is 256 -28 672 bytes);
    • Number of keys: 10 50 000.
RMX Package