Global Digital Business Network
UBP International

Systematic digital platform, which is the basis of the digital business ecosystem.

UBP is

Global digital business ecosystem with modern innovative digital tools

Modern tool of innovation development and business management

Integrated innovative demand, supply and new markets

Innovative concept of time in digital business processes

Efficient management

Competitive advantages

Systematic business optimisation

Significant increase in business potential

Main advantages

Effective tool for business development

Effective tool for business development Global digital business network is a unique innovative technology for logical consolidation of key innovative factors in a logical chain, which influence effectiveness of your business. Optimization, time, objectivity of information, systematic approach and innovative strategies are your advantages and a way to success!

Integrated innovative demand

Generated by means of unique technologies of digital business network and allows not only to learn quickly, but to fulfill demand and supply on traditional markets, optimizing time, price and quality characteristics in business. Activation of hidden opportunities enables to boost your business effectiveness and gain additional profit.

Opportunity to enter new markets

Digital Export / Digital Import / Direct Links format opens new opportunities for selling your products and purchasing raw materials, services and materials using direct contacts. Opportunity of constant (24/7) presentation of your company, goods ad services online for all the consumers and suppliers. Effective expansion into new markets, unique digital technologies in meeting demand, identifying and filling empty niches in traditional markets.

Effective way of business communication

D-Communication ensures fast, effective and direct connection between producers and consumers. Opinions, assessment and suggestions of consumers about goods and services are important factors for competitive advantage. Direct connection between producers, inventors and rationalizers will ensure innovativeness of your products and services.

Relevant business catalogs of companies, organizations, goods and services

Digital business catalogs comprise different fields of activity. Here you can find relevant and reliable information about companies, organizations, goods, services, development prospects and conditions of cooperation.

Comprehensive informational support of business

The network generates selective information environment required for successful development of your business. Important events and up to date information concerning new technologies, materials, scientific achievements, modern tendencies of economic development, as well as researches and new goods and services on the market.

Powerful digital analytical service

UBP clients possess unique analytical digital tools, provided by global digital network for objective research, analysis and drawing up of tactical and strategic solutions in business.

Digital communication platform of G2A / G2B / B2A formats

The aim is to create digital community fair business environment and business rules. Digital communication, discussions, participation in making correct and fair decisions, protection of interests, competence development and overcoming corruption.

Digital trade service

UBP International trade service is created by innovative technology D-Trade! The main advantages over E-Commerce are D-Exhibition, D-Export, D-Import, D-Marketing, Direct Links.